Ty Dolla $ign called out two girls who were fighting during his show and branded them both ugly in the process.

A clip of the incident has been circulating on Instagram, and it shows the singer yelling at two girls in the crowd who interrupted his show while engaging in a petty scuffle. “Hey you stupid b****es better stop fighting. Ain’t no fighting at my motherf***ing concert. You gonna have to fight me b****,” he yells at the two girls in the crowd. “Hey b****, stop fighting. Both of them b****es ugly as f*** that’s why they fighting. Somebody say f*** that sh**.” The crowd then chimes in on the chant before he goes into another song.

Aside from yelling at girls at his shows, Ty Dolla $ign has been making waves with his huge hit, a collaboration with Fifth Harmony called “Work From Home.” They joined forces at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this month to perform it and the singer received a little bit of love from the group’s Camila Cabello, who was grinding on him on stage.

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