From Ave has faced significant public backlash over the tragic shooting at New York City’s Irving Plaza last week. However, one fellow rapper has come out to defend the “Bang Bang” rhymer in the wake of his arrest for attempted murder.

Meek Mill posted a message on Instagram taking aim at the justice system, the media, and “crab in the barrel dudes” over the Troy Ave situation.

Read the Dream Chasers leader’s statement:

The laws they made ain’t designed to protect us! “They like get killed or get a 100 years” Don’t let the press “gas” you to go against ya own people! Because if that was a cop Tryna protect his life the police force gone stand behind them 100% “Pic look crazy”#freetroy & never let these “bum ass nobody “sucka” crab in the barrel dudes pull you down! Most of the time it’s all for attention…. that’s all these bustas be wanting forreal!

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