Author: Boog Hak

My thoughts on Durant going to Golden State.

My thoughts on Durant going to Golden State. Why does Durant get a pass? Hold him to the same unrealistic standards y’all hold Lebron. Free Agency has been crazy this summer, but the question everyone wanted to know is where will Kevin Durant play this upcoming season? Initially I thought he was going to stay in Oklahoma City since they were litterally 1 game away from the NBA Finals, but no he decided to take his talents to the Bay and join the Golden State Warriors. I was talking about this with my boy Hamma the other day……Why Does...

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Curren$y – Stoned on Ocean

I’m not one of those super “real hip hop guys” so I have to admit I got on Curren$y late. But better late than never right. So I just got around to listening to his mixtape, and so far so good.  If you’re looking for something to vibe to this 4th of July Weekend I recommend this!...

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DMX- Blood Red

After getting a chance to see DMX on Breakfast Club this week it got a lot of people wondering….Musically does DMX still have it? Is he washed up? Why this man won’t sit down? Why he sweating so hard? Is he high? After all those questions it goes back to the music, will X be the same? Well he delivered on this one! Check out DMX new single “Blood Red”...

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